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    Here's how the Antalgic-Trak Decompression Chair Works.
    The chair starts upright allowing you to sit comfortably and then gently lowers you back to the horizontal position.  If you can't lie horizontally, the chair can be raised to any angle and decompression is applied in that position. 

    The computer is then set by the doctor according to your weight or general condition.  There are many factors that can be set into the computer including force and timing.  The computer-controlled mechanism applies a gentle pull (or traction) to your neck or low back.  Initial treatment is very gentle and the sensation is hardly felt.  As you progress through your treatment regimen, the settings are increased according to your condition and tolerance. 

    Each treatment regimen is tailored to your individual needs.

    Both the low back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) sections of the Antalgic-Trak can be manually moved to different positions.  During a treatment, these sections may be locked in a specific position with decompression applied in that position, or, the decompression can be maintained in a 'pull phase' and the doctor can manually move the chair in various ranges of motion.  No other decompression unit can move like the Antalgic-Trak.
    Mouse over the small pictures below to see how each section can move.
    As you can see, the versatility of the Antalgic-Trak is endless.
    Combinations of these motions can also be utilized to specifically target your problem area.

    No other decompression machine is capable of doing what the Antalgic-Trak can do.
    Cervical Elongation
    Cervical Rotation
    Lumbar Flexion / Extension
    Lumbar Forward Glide
    Cervical Flexion / Extension
    Cervical Side Bending
    Lumbar Elongation
    Lumbar Side Bending
    Lumbar Rotation